•  Panasonic CS-PV24RKF-5 Split Air Conditioner (22500 BTU, 2 Ton)

Panasonic CS-PV24RKF-5 Split Air Conditioner (22500 BTU, 2 Ton)

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    Brand : Panasonic

    Colour : White

    Model Number : CS-PV24RKF-5

    Warranty 1 year warranty

    Dimensions : 290 x 1070 x 240 mm

Product Specifications

  • Super Tropical Compressor

  • Micro Channel Condenser

  • iAuto Comfort for faster cooling

  • Econavi Energy Saver

Enjoy super tropical standard cooling with the Panasonic CS-PV24RKF-5 Split Air Conditioner . Featuring a single split mechanism, this air conditioner offers a cooling capacity of 19600 BTU or 1.5 Ton. This air conditioner is available online for sale, which means you can purchase it from the comfort of your home or office and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

iAuto Comfort

This split air conditioner features iAUTO that is designed to offer faster cooling comfort with just the touch of one button. It is intelligently equipped to switch between fan speeds, to give you up to 15% faster cooling at start-up along with a consistently cool airflow to maintain a cool and comfortable environment.

Econavi Energy Saver

The Panasonic CS-PV24RKF-5 Split Air Conditioner comes with ECONAVI that maintains a constant temperature setting to reduce energy waste. It makes the use of high technology sensors and precise control programs to analyse room conditions and adjust cooling and heating power accordingly so you get better energy savings.

Powerful Cooling

Even if the temperature outside is as high as 55 degrees, you enjoy powerful cooling with this Panasonic CS-PV24RKF-5 Split Air Conditioner. Designed to withstand the extreme temperature conditions in desert regions of the Middle East, this air conditioner comes with a highly durable compressor and fan motor that maintains comfort even under the hottest conditions.

Super Tropical Compressor

The super tropical compressor of this split air conditioner offers more reliability, along with a powerful motor that allows for a smooth start even at extremely low voltage conditions and fluctuations as well as an extremely quiet operation sound with a low noise muffler.

Micro Channel Condenser

The condenser fins of the split air conditioner are blue-coated to increase its durability. This is a specially coated layer that serves as a protection against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive elements.

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Key features

  • Brand : Panasonic
  • Colour : White
  • Model Number : CS-PV24RKF-5
  • Warranty 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions : 290 x 1070 x 240 mm
  • Weight : 12 kg
  • Type : Split Air Conditioner
  • Power : 1940 W
  • Airflow Rate : 20.3 cu.m. / minute
  • Cooling Output : 22500 BTU/h
  • Energy Rating : 5 star
  • Moisture Removal : 1.3 l/h